Our Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The designation “Eagle Scout” was founded over one hundred years ago. Only four percent of Boy Scouts are granted this rank after a lengthy review process. The requirements necessary to achieve this rank take years to fulfill. Since its founding, the Eagle Scout rank has been earned by almost 2.5 million young men.

Requirements include earning at least 21 merit badges. The Eagle Scout must demonstrate Scout Spirit, an ideal attitude based upon the Scout Oath and Law, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. Eagle Scouts are presented with a medal and a badge that visibly recognizes the accomplishments of the Scout. Additional recognition can be earned through Eagle Palms, awarded for completing additional tenure, leadership, and merit badge requirements.

What does it take to become an Eagle Scout? Read the BSA Eagle Fact sheet.

Class of 2019
No.NameEagle Project Description
176Matthew C. Williams 
Class of 2018
No.NameEagle Project Description
175Samuel D. Elgart 
174Carter A. Bell 
173Jack B. Hayward 
Class of 2017
No.NameEagle Project Description
172Harrison Dreyer
171August Dreyer
170Sean Sullivan
169Jackson Talus
168Tanner Schmidt
167Wyatt Mangham
Class of 2016
No.NameEagle Project Description
166Alex Bates
165Miles O’Brien
164Addison Barnes
163Kyle ChasteenGarden boxes at Indian Hills Elementary School
162Tanner Croasmun
161Peter Bernard
160Jaiden Cummins
159Tristan Furnary
Class of 2015
No.NameEagle Project Description
158Aaron Linnemann
157Lukas Bauer
156A J Bauer
155Brian McCaslin
Class of 2014
No.NameEagle Project Description
154Jacob Meisenheimer
153Jamison Cozart
152Scott Schmidt
151Dylan Young-VazquezConstructed a storage shed and dugout roofs for JV baseball field at Sunset High School
150Corbin Evans
149Tristen Bezaiff
148Jameson Wells
147Hunter Niehus
146Josh Anderson
Class of 2013
No.NameEagle Project Description
145Ben Child
144Ben Pung
143Connell Morantte
142Sean HilkenConstructed play area, installed play structure and bench at Pilgrim Lutheran preschool
141Nick VoorheesAssembled  re-usable “Johnson” leg splints for the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol
140Connor EaganInstalled picnic table & bench, rock border and landscaping at West Slope Library
139Austin BarnesRenovation of back courtyard deck and landscaping, driveway daffodil bulbs at St. Matthew
Class of 2012
No.NameEagle Project Description
138Triston EvansRefurbished courtyard benches, installed walkway & landscaping for St. Matthew preschool
137Seamus KeehnConstruction of gravel walkway for portable classrooms at Raleigh Hills School
136Ryan Herold
135Ben Murphy
134Timothy Wenholz
133Andrew Linnemann
132Tim TownsendRemoval of invasive ivy and replanting with native plants in Forest Park at Audubon Society
131Chris Bame
Class of 2011
No.NameEagle Project Description
130Max Callaway
129Nick HallerConstructed split rail fence and trail maintenance in Upper Macleay Park
128Daniel Child
127William Murphy
Class of 2010
No.NameEagle Project Description
126Blake Lowe
125Chad Furlong
124Patrick Townsend
123Zach Dimond
122James Furnary
121Chris Nichols
120Neil Hilken
Class of 2009
No.NameEagle Project Description
119Jake Herold
Class of 2008
No.NameEagle Project Description
118Spencer Fortner
117John TownsendParking lot, side entrance beatification & signage at St. Mary’s Cathedral
116Kevin DuffyRefurbished a room at a family safe shelter
115Quintin CumminsGarden and seating area at Raleigh Hills School
114Alex SchultzConstructed memorial area at Jesuit HS for alum killed in Iraq
Class of 2007
No.NameEagle Project Description
113Eric DietrichConstructed rail fence and cleared brush at Hyland Hills Park
112Nathan NicholsPrayer garden & fire lane marking at Sunnyside Church of the Nazarene
Class of 2006
No.NameEagle Project Description
111Nathan Haller
110Matthew HuffGravel pathways at Tigard Public Library in parking area
109Kyle LucasWater damaged carpet restoration at Sunset Presbyterian Church
108Jordan Beers
Class of 2005
No.NameEagle Project Description
107Jeffrey RozmanOrganized Red Cross blood drive at Sunset High School
106Aaron Kerschen
105Isaac ZaworskiConstructed horizontal climbing wall at local Girl Scout camp
104Daniel Axel
Class of 2004
No.NameEagle Project Description
103Nick Millar
102David SleasmanCoordinated construction of 150 dog waste bag dispensers for Tualatin Valley Parks & Rec.
101Sam Heinlein
100Brian Lorts
99Colin FraneyInstalled French drainage system at St. Pius X Church
98Charley McGowanDeck renovation & landscape area maps at St Matthew
97Brian ScrivensRefurbished flight of wood stairs at Jackson Bottom Wetlands
96Drew Millar
Class of 2003
No.NameEagle Project Description
95Anthony Haller
94Joren Ross
93Jon BaconRetaining wall in front of West Slope Community Library
92Logan AmesViewing blinds at Jackson Bottom Wetlands
91Luke Johnson
Class of 2002
No.NameEagle Project Description
90Peder DahlCreated outdoor classroom with stairs, podium and tables at West Union Elementary School
89Michael Axel
88Tom Fazzio
87Colby Blitz
Class of 2001
No.NameEagle Project Description
86Josh Johnson
85Jacob Goudy
84Will Boylston
83Alex Haller
82David Axel
81Ben Hershberg
80David Tauber
79Matt Wharton
78Paul Lubliner
Class of 2000
No.NameEagle Project Description
77Richard Wilson
76Luke Williams
75Tom Hanada
74Anthony Bohan
73Tristan Cummins
Class of 1999
No.NameEagle Project Description
72Bob Hammond
71Rennie Dunn
70Scott Thomas
69Alex Mercer
Class of 1998
No.NameEagle Project Description
68Stephen Townsend
67Aaron Zahrowski
66Derek Blitz
65Mike Hanada
64Aaron Bohan
63Jason Haynes
62Will Wharton
Class of 1997
No.NameEagle Project Description
61Sam Howard
60Chris Sutton
59Josef Kuehnast
58John Swain
57Bob Slattery
Class of 1996
No.NameEagle Project Description
56Jon Daane
55Tyler Blitz
54Max GuernseyShoring up a path at Greenway Park in Beaverton, OR
53Greg MattsonCleared overgrown landscaping along St. Matthew front driveway
Class of 1995
No.NameEagle Project Description
52Kevin Miller
51Phillip MisnerPainted outside sanctuary fire doors at St. Matthew Lutheran
50Aaron ParkerConstructed Volunteer Center room at Sunset High School
49Adam Kline
48Scott Kline
47Andy Huddleston
46Greg Hughes
45Jason Swain
44Alex Sutton
43Dan Rubeck
Class of 1994
No.NameEagle Project Description
42Erik Weswig
41Chris Hanada
40Ryan Thomas
39John Nyehart
38Ryan Matsushima
37Hans Lord
Class of 1993
No.NameEagle Project Description
36Andrew Stewart
35Sean Williams
34Scott Richardson
33Mike Albers
32Beau Betts
Class of 1992
No.NameEagle Project Description
31Darryn Matsushima
30Geoff Staton
29Mark Hashimoto
Class of 1991
No.NameEagle Project Description
28Michael Pollock
27Robert Tatsumi
26Stuart McConnell
25Kristen Akre
24Chris Loos
23Karl Lord
Class of 1990
No.NameEagle Project Description
22David Hamann
21Jason Tedrow
20Matt Mayer
Class of 1989
No.NameEagle Project Description
19Aaron Thompson
18Wes EstvoldConstruction of horseshoe pits at Greenway Park
17Brad Damm
Class of 1988
No.NameEagle Project Description
16Gary Burgoine
15Jeff KirsherTrail improvement of the Wildwood Trail in Portland’s Forest Park
14Eric Berquist
13Byron Tatsumi
Class of 1987
No.NameEagle Project Description
12Steve Cornie
11Scott Cornie
10Jeff Kern
9Drew Boggs
8Chris Cornie
Class of 1986
No.NameEagle Project Description
7Stan Hughes
Class of 1985
No.NameEagle Project Description
6Bruce Patterson
5Mark Donovan
4Ken RudeIrrigation system at St. Matthew in lower parking lot
3Bruce Bevans
Class of 1983
No.NameEagle Project Description
2Clarence Berquist
Class of 1982
No.NameEagle Project Description
1Chris Patterson