“On my honor, I will do my best …”
Erik Weswig, 1976 – 1995

Erik Weswig received his Eagle Scout badge on February 5, 1995. His physical life ended one month later due to an unexplainable heart failure. He was 18. Erik lived the Scout Oath – duty to God, Country and his fellow man.

He believed in doing his best and chose the first line of the Scout Oath as his personal motto. At his Eagle Board of review he was asked what he planned to do with his life. His response was that he planned to do “his best”. It may not be “the best” but it would be “his best.”

In Erik’s memory and to honor his beliefs, this award is given once each year at summer camp to a Scout from Troop 124 who best exemplifies living the Scout Oath.

Erik Weswig Memorial Award Winners

NameYearScout Camp
UnknownJuly 2019Camp Baldwin
Carter BellJuly 2018Camp Pioneer
Brennan SullivanJuly 2017Camp Parsons
Jonathan UlrichJuly 2016Camp Meriwether
Corbin EvansJuly 2015Camp Baldwin
Tim TownsendJuly 2014Camp Cooper
Hunter NeihusJuly 2013Camp Pioneer
Ryan HeroldJuly 2012Camp Parsons
Nick HallerJuly 2011Camp Meriwether
Dylan Young-YazquezJuly 2010Camp Baldwin
Patrick TownsendJuly 2009Camp Pioneer
John TownsendJuly 2008Camp Meriwether
Dennis NoackJuly 2007Camp Baldwin
Jake HeroldJuly 2006Camp Pioneer
Zachary DimondJuly 2005Camp Meriwether
Alex SchultzJuly 2004Camp Baldwin
Joren RossJuly 2003Camp Cooper
Jeffrey RozmanJuly 2002Camp Pioneer
Quintin CumminsJuly 2001Camp Baldwin
Josh MartinJuly 2000Camp Meriwether
Daniel AxelJuly 1999Camp Baker
Anthony BohanJuly 1998Camp Pioneer
Tom HanadaJuly 1997Camp Baldwin
Colby BlitzJuly 1996Camp Meriwether
Adam KlineJuly 1995Camp Baldwin